How does an E-cigarette work?

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A typical e-cigarette consists of an electrical heating element, known as an “atomizer”, a cartridge that contains a nicotine solution and a battery.   Insider the atomizer, a metallic electrical heating coil is wound around a wick.  The wick is saturated with the e-liquid.  A sheath encases the coil–wick assembly and in turn a fibrous wool-like material envelopes the sheath.  This wool-like material is soaked in the eliquid and acts as a reservoir for the wick.

The device is activated either by pressing a button or by an automatic pressure-sensitive sensor that detects the user inhaling.

When a user draws on the device, air is pulled from the end of the unit over the heated coil carrying away the e-liquid vapours.  Before reaching the user, the vapour cools and condenses to form liquid droplets, thus, creating the visible plume of “smoke”.

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