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CBD Regulation Course

Do you want to start your own CBD business but have questions about regulation and testing? Do you currently run a CBD oil business but to expand your product line into CBD vapes, cosmetics?

Watch our online CBD regulation course to learn about:

  • CBD regulation
  • CBD test requirements
  • What you need to know when sourcing CBD raw material
  • CBD in food, cosmetics, vape and any other product category
  • and more…

CBD Regulation

Whether it is CBD gummies, CBD drinks, vapes or cosmetics manufacturers and vendors are required to comply with a variety of regulations. That means either pre-market notification, analytical testing, or safety assessment.

Some regulations are easier to comply with than others. The aim of this course will help you understand what steps you need to take for each product category including food, drink, vape, cosmetic and other categories. Take a look at some key requirements of CBD regulation here.

Who this course is for

Any business looking to manufacturer or market CBD products in the UK or EU.

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When is the course available?

The CBD regulation course is due December 2022. If you subscribe above, we will keep you updated with progress.

How much will it cost?

We anticipate the video guide will cost not more that £200 excluding VAT.

Do you provide on going support after the course?

Yes – we provide reasonable text support following the course to answer any technical questions you might have.

Will I be able to complete a Novel Food application after completing the course?

No. This course will cover the basics so you understand the key requirements and show you the portal through which the Novel Food application is submitted.