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Whether you are a cosmetic brand or manufacturer, we can help you to comply with US cosmetic regulation laid down by the FDA. Read on to learn about our services to help businesses comply with FDA requirements for marketing cosmetics in the US.

Our Services


Our experienced and knowledgable cosmetic regulatory consultants will guide you through the US process for cosmetic product registration – known as MoCRA. From ingredient assessments to labelling requirements, we will walk you through the process.

Product Formulation Review

We will help ensure that your cosmetic formulations meet the regulatory standards set by the FDA. Our US regulatory team will conduct a thorough review of your formulation, highlight potential issues and make recommendations to bring into alignment with FDA regulations for cosmetics.

Labeling Compliance

Rules apply to packaging and labelling of cosmetic products on the US market. Designing compliant product labels is part of our US compliance service. From ingredient lists to warning statements, we help you to ensure your label is in line with the FDA regulations for cosmetics.

Safety and Testing Assistance

Our US team helps you navigate the FDA lab test requirements. From microbiological testing to stability report, we collaborate with approved laboratories to help ensure your cosmetics are tested according to FDA requirements.

Documentation Support

Up-to-date documentation on each product is key in demonstrating compliance with US cosmetics regulation. We assist you in preparing and organising the necessary documentation, making audits and inspections a seamless process.

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Tailored Solutions

We know each cosmetics brand is unique that is why our services are customised to meet the specific needs of your brand.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Since our cosmetic services encompass UK and EU regulatory compliance, you can benefit from complete services in key territories saving you time and money on compliance activities.

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