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Helping you to write your Product Information File (PIF)

Do you require a Product Information File  – or PIF – for your cosmetic hair or skin product? Need help to write one? We provide guidance on building a PIF to help producers comply with EU and UK cosmetic regulation.

The Legal basis


EU Regulation No 1223/2009 as amended lays down the rules for cosmetic products on the EU market. Under the rules, producers are required to have a Product Information File  – or PIF.

What you’ll need to build a PIF:


The following information is required:


  1. Cosmetic safety assessment or CPSR
  2. MSDS & CoAs
  3. GMP Certificates according to ISO 22716 or higher
  4. Summary of manufacturing process
  5. evidence to substantiate product claims (if applicable)
  6. …and more


Sample Requirements:


No sample required. Photo of product packaging only.

Verify the CBD content


While cannabinoid testing is not a requirement of the Product Information File, you may want to get your products tested to ensure your products contain the CBD content they claim to have. We offer fast & reliable CBD testing service so you can be sure your products are of high quality.