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Low cost environmental monitoring services on the LoRa network

Monitor the environment remotely from your desktop, tablet or mobile without the need for wifi, internet or cables using the LoRa network.

By harnessing the UK’s emerging public LoRa network – by Helium Systems, we offer environmental monitoring systems that are low cost, energy efficient and easy to deploy.

LoRa sensors need no wifi, no internet or cables

How is our service different?

Most environmental monitoring services require wifi sensors powered by mains. Our monitoring system use the LoRa network which is means the initial outlay costs and operating costs are significantly lower.

What is the LoRa network?

LoRa is a technology that enables devices – including sensors – of low power to connect and transmit data without the need for wifi or internet.

LoRa network is the future of monitoring

It is the technology that will power the Internet of Things (IoT) supporting smart cities, smart homes and much more.

Learn more about LoRa here.

Up to 10 years battery life

Powered by AA batteries and with an extended battery life from 2 – 10 years, LoRa sensors do not need the maintenance and connectivity of wifi or ethernet sensors.

Get alerts to your desktop, tablet or mobile

Log in to your portal to view data from all your devices. Receive notifications to your device on temperature changes and status changes.

Easy to set up and deploy

Remotely monitor a number of parameters including:

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • CO2
  • water levels
  • particulates
  • VOCs

What are the benefits?

Most environmental monitoring systems use sensors that connect to wifi or internet by ethernet cable. While this is satisfactory for some applications there are some drawbacks to the system:

  • expensive
  • energy inefficient
  • limited reach
  • ethernet cabling to all sensors is undesirable

By comparison, environmental monitoring on the LoRa network is:

  • low cost to deploy and run
  • energy efficient
  • wide-range
  • no cabling required

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Not what you’re looking for? We also offer ISO 17025 monitoring at a UKAS accredited lab? Deploy our Summa canisters and get lab report from an ISO 17025 lab testing.