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Order face mask testing at ISO accredited 17025 Lab

We offer face mask testing services to help businesses comply with regulations in the UK and EU.


Whether you sell, import or manufacture face masks, surgical masks or N95 or KN95 respirators our accredited face mask test lab can verify compliance with EN Standards.


Read on to learn more about face mask testing and our testing service. Please note that this service is outsourced to independent ISO 17025 accredited labs – Medic Pro Ltd does not carry out the testing.

What you’ll learn:

  • Face mask testing: what is required?
  • Which face mask testing lab to choose?
  • Face mask testing price
  • Risk of product seizure
  • Authority oversight
  • Special features
  • How the services works
  • Request a quote
  • How the service works
  • FAQ

…and more

UPDATE November 2020


Turnaround times: All our labs are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We endeavour to report your results as soon as possible but due to the COVID pandemic turnaround times can change without notice. We currently aim for a 3 – 5 week turnaround on all orders.

Masks we can test:


  • Face masks: 3-ply non-sterile
  • Medical face masks
  • Surgical face masks
  • N95 Respirators
  • KN95 Respirators


Standards we can test to:


– EN 14683

– EN 149


Quality Testing


Using validated test methods and specialised lab equipment, our face mask testing service is designed to give you the confidence your products comply with legal, safety and quality requirements.


Compliance with regulation


With an increasing demand of face masks in the UK, US and Europe, testing for compliance with applicable regulation is essential. Ensure your products comply with face mask and respirator testing Standards to leave your customers confident that you’re not cutting corners when it comes quality.


Experienced technicians


With experienced technicians, our accredited ISO 17025  testing lab is a world-leader in face mask and respirator testing. Get in touch to learn more. 

Face mask testing: What is required?


Face mask testing requires sending samples to a accredited ISO analytical laboratory that has the expertise and specialist equipment to test face masks and respirators in line with EN standards.


While there are many things you can test a face mask or respirator for, two tests are key: bacterial filtration and differential pressure.

Face mask and respirator testing by an unaccredited lab puts your products at a higher risk of non compliance with US and EU testing Standards. 



Accreditation is a sign of quality and reliability. Accredited las are verified by authorities to ensure that the lab is following strict ISO procedures. The only way to be sure of the quality of a surgical mask or KN95 respirator is testing by accredited ISO 17025 labs. It is no surprise accredited face mask testing is recommended by governments.

Which face mask testing lab to choose?


There are many face mask testing labs to choose from but they differ in one key aspect:  status of Accreditation.


And while a lab might be ISO 17025 accredited, the face mask or respirator test might not be in scope of their accreditation. This means an authority as audited the lab but not the specific test – in this case face mask testing.  The highest quality test you can get is an accredited lab where the test is in scope of the accreditation i.e the authority as audited the way they perform the test.


When choosing a lab your options are:


  1. Accredited lab + accredited face mask test (highest quality; test in scope of accreditation; recommended by governments),
  2. Accredited lab but non-accredited face mask test (mid-quality; lab is accredited but the test is not in scope of accreditation; modest accuracy; use if option 1 is unavailable),
  3. Non-accredited lab and test (lowest quality & accuracy; little to no compliance with regulations). If this is your only option, confirm that the lab uses validated test methods.


Our face mask testing services offer the highest quality face mask testing: 1. Accredited lab running an accredited face mask and respiratory test. In some circumstances, we do offer option 2 where option 1 is not available. Tests at option 1 labs tend to be more expensive.

Face mask testing price


The price of face mask and respirator testing depends on a number of factors:


  • Type of test
  • Type of face mask or respirator
  • General or medical use
  • Accreditation of Test
  • Accreditation of Lab
  • Lab/technicians experience
  • Additional services offered


Risk of product seizure


Our advice when choosing a testing lab is to be wary of low cost face mask and respirator testing services especially unaccredited ones. Cheap, unaccredited testing services are likely to be viewed by the authorities as unreliable and puts your products at risk of seizure by the authorities.


Authority oversight


Due to the significant demand of surgical masks and N95 respirators, it is crucial that you verify the quality and compliance with applicable Standards. You may need to provide lab test results to the authorities or enforcement bodies in the market you sell into.

Special Features

Accredited Lab

We offer face mask and respirator testing at an accredited ISO 17025 laboratory.

Accredited Test

We only use labs that are recommended by governments.

Face Mask Lab Report

Receive an original lab report with your test results to show customers.

FREE Regulatory Support

We provide essential regulatory support to help our clients comply with regulations in the UK and EU.

Fast & Reliable Service

We oversee the lab testing to ensure everything is in order and lab results are delivered without undue delay.

How the service works:


  1. Complete the quote form here
  2. Despatch samples to address given by email
  3. We shall advise on date of testing and take payment
  4. Original lab report is provided
  5. We answer any questions you might have


Address to send samples:


Due to impact of COVID-19 our offices are closed. Address to send samples shall be confirmed at point of order.

Turnaround time


All our labs are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We endeavour to report your results as soon as possible but due to the COVID pandemic turnaround times can change without notice. From date of receipt of samples you can expect the results in 15 – 25 working days (estimated date to be confirmed at point of order). Unfortunately, there is no fast service option available.



1. Do you test all types of face masks and respirators?


Yes. We test Type I, II, IR and IIR as well as N95 and KN95 respirators, surgical and medical masks, non-woven, sterile and non-sterile.


2. Where are the labs based?


The labs we use are in the UK or EU. We currently do not outsource to labs outside these territories. Rest assured, we only use accredited labs.


2. Do you conduct bacterial filtration analysis?


Yes. Bacterial filtration testing is a key test of EN 14683.


3. Do you conduct differential pressure testing?


Yes. The laboratory is approved to conduct differential pressure testing to EN 14683 Standards.