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Order our perfume authenticity lab testing service

Do you manufacture perfumes or fragrances and require authenticity testing to determine original from fakes? Do you want to know if the perfumes you have bought are genuine?

We offer perfume authenticity testing at a specialised UK lab. Read on to learn more.

About the perfume authenticity testing service

Using high quality, specialised perfume authenticity lab analysis, we can check perfume or fragrance samples to identify fakes from the real thing.

How it works

  1. Contact us via the contact form here
  2. Submit your fake and original (genuine) perfumes or fragrances as per sample requirements (see below)
  3. Get your lab report confirming the authenticity of the samples

Sample requirements

  • 100 ml per sample suspected fake product
  • 100 ml per sample original product
  • All samples must be securely packed

About the fragrance testing lab

  • Specialised laboratory equipment
  • UK based
  • 10 years experience in perfume authenticity testing
  • Qualified and experienced lab technicians

Get started today

Contact us today via the contact form to get started.