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Cosmetic stability testing at a UK lab

Do you sell cosmetics and require stability testing for your cosmetic products? We offer cosmetic stability testing at UK labs. Read on to learn more.

How do you test cosmetics for stability?

Cosmetic stability testing involves storing a cosmetic under controlled conditions and reporting changes in product characteristics at pre-determined timepoints. Results are presented in a stability test report and submitted as part of the cosmetic safety assessment process.

What are the different types of cosmetic stability testing?

There are typically two main types of conditions under which stability testing takes place: room temperature and elevated temperature. Room temperature is, as it sounds, at around 20 degrees Celsius, where as elevated temperature – or ‘accelerated’ – testing takes place at 45 degrees Celsius.

Why do you need stability testing?

The purpose of stability testing is to identify safety or quality issues that might arise over time. For example, does the colour or odour change after 6 months? Does the cosmetic interact with the container and become unsafe or unusable? All this information is captured in a stability test lab report. Cosmetic stability testing is required under UK and EU cosmetic regulations.

How much does cosmetic stability testing cost?

Price depends on a number of factors: accreditation status of the lab, duration of the test, parameters of the test, number of timepoints. You can spend anything from £200 to £5000 for a stability test. But really you shouldn’t need to spend more than £500 for a stability test especially if you choose a non-accredited testing lab.

Price of stability testing per cosmetic

From £195

Turnaround Time

The duration of the stability test depends on scope of test.

What do you need to provide?

To undertake cosmetic stability testing you should provide 50 ml or 50g of sample.

What you’ll get

  • Lab report with your cosmetic stability test results signed by the assessor/lab
  • Guidance on cosmetic stability testing

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