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CBD laws in The Netherlands

Are you looking to sell CBD in The Netherlands and want to know the CBD laws? Here we provide information for manufacturers and importers of cannabidiol (CBD) and CBD oils to help them comply with the local CBD regulations in The Netherlands.

Updated: January 2023

What are the CBD laws in The Netherlands?

CBD laws in The Netherlands in bullet points:

  • CBD products must contain no more than 0.05% THC (unverified)
  • CBD products must not be marketed as having health benefits benefits.


What you need to know about selling CBD in The Netherlands

CBD is generally permitted for sale in The Netherlands provided the local requirements are met, which is includes a max THC limit of 0.05% (unverified) and marketing claim restrictions.

Authority for CBD

The authority responsible for regulating CBD products in The Netherlands is the NVWA.

The Legislation

The laws for CBD in The Netherlands are laid down in the Opium Act. Click here to be directed to the legislation.

Legal Status

Is CBD legal in The Netherlands?

CBD is legal in The Netherlands provided product category legal requirements are met. For example, for cbd oil, food and drink novel food regulations apply.

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THC Limit

What is the THC limit for products sold in The Netherlands?

The THC limit for products placed on the Dutch market is 0.05% however this is yet to be verified by an official source. This section will be updated once the THC limit in The Netherlands has been verified.

CBD Vapes

Can you sell CBD vapes in The Netherlands?

According to the Dutch vape laws and the Tobacco productive directive, additives that create the impression that e-liquids/vapes have health benefits, present reduced health risks or increase mental alertness and physical performance are prohibited. CBD falls into this category and that is why CBD vapes are not permitted for sale in the Netherlands (with and without nicotine).

CBD Oils

Can you sell CBD oils in The Netherlands?

CBD oils are permitted provide you comply with the specific regulations outlined on this page including THC limit and novel food regulation. Read on to learn about CBD novel food (relates to CBD oils, food and CBD drinks).

CBD Novel Food

Is Novel Food registration required to market CBD oils, food and drink in The Netherlands?

Yes. CBD Manufacturers are required to submit a Novel Food application to the EFSA. Requirements include pre-market approval, toxicological data, nutritional information and more. Want to learn the basics of CBD novel food applications? Check out our online CBD regulation course here.

Court Cases involving CBD and THC in The Netherlands

See below for court cases involving CBD and THC in the Netherlands. Please note that the cases have not been independently verified.


In 2020, a Dutch court ruled that a company called CBDcentrale could legally sell CBD products containing less than 0.05% THC. The case was brought by the Dutch government, which had accused the company of selling illegal drugs. The court ruled that CBDcentrale’s CBD products were legal because they contained less than the maximum allowable THC limit of 0.05%.

Also in 2020, the Dutch government announced that it would allow the sale of CBD products containing up to 0.2% THC in pharmacies, provided that the products are labeled as “not for human consumption” and are not marketed as having therapeutic or medical benefits. This decision was made in response to a court case involving a company called the Dutch Farmacy, which had been selling CBD products containing less than 0.2% THC.

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Further reading

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Legal Disclosure

CBD laws in The Netherlands can change at any time. The information presented above is on a best endeavours basis. Medic Pro Limited does not accept liability for the accuracy of the information.