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Vape laws in The Netherlands

Whether you sell, import or manufacture ecigarettes in The Netherlands, the information in this section can help you to understand the laws and regulations in The Netherlands. Don’t forget to check out the TPD compliance page to understand the general requirements that apply to all EU markets.

Last Updated: 11th January 2023


What are the ecigarette laws in The Netherlands?

Apart from the TPD requirements common to all EU member states, here are the notable things you need to know before selling vapes in The Netherlands: 

  • Ingredient restriction apply from 1st July 2023 with sell-through until 1st October 2023
  • Register your vape business to sell into The Netherlands


Which authority is responsible for vape regulation in The Netherlands?

Products must be notified to the National Institute for Health and the Environment (RIVM) via the EU TPD portal before they can be sold. Do you want to learn how to submit a TPD notification? Read on to learn about our online course. 

Link to the National Legislation for vape products in The Netherlands

Dutch Tobacco Act can be found here:

Cross border sales

Can you sell vapes online from outside The Netherlands and, if so, do you need to register your vape business with the authorities in The Netherlands?

Yes – a vape business selling into The Netherlands must register their business here. 

Product Design 

Are there any special product design requirements for The Netherlands?

Check Ingredient / Flavour Restrictions section. 

Ingredient / Flavour Restrictions

Are any ingredients banned?

Yes. A flavour ban applies with a sell through period until 1st October 2023. For more information check our blog post The Netherlands to ban e-cigarette flavours


Are there any special TPD notification requirements specific to The Netherlands?

Check Ingredient / Flavour Restrictions section. 

Notification fee

What is the TPD notification fee in the Netherlands?

€44.85 per notification

Do you want to learn how to prepare and submit a TPD notification?

Check out our online EU Vape regulation course where you can learn how to prepare and submit TPD notifications. Click here to learn more.

Confirmation of notified status

Does the authority provide a database where I can see notified status?

There is no official database maintained by the Dutch authorities where vape businesses can check EC-ID and notified status.

Lab Test Requirements

Are there any special lab test requirements?

Nothing specific other than general TPD testing requirements

Nicotine-free e-liquids

Do you have to notify nicotine-free (0mg) vapes in The Netherlands?

Yes. Nicotine-free vape products must be notified via the EU TPD. Learn how to submit a notification by taking our online course. Click here to learn more. See below about CBD vapes. 


What are the TPD packaging requirements in The Netherlands?

Nothing specific other than general TPD requirements

Health Warning to be printed on packs for sale in The Netherlands

The following health warning should be included on nicotine e-cigarette and e-liquid packaging: 

‘Dit product bevat de zeer verslavende stof nicotine. Het gebruik ervan wordt afgeraden voor niet-rokers.’

Health Warning Specification 

Nothing specific other than general TPD requirements

CBD Vapes

Learn about CBD laws in The Netherlands here

Recent court cases

None found.

Legal Disclaimer

Vape laws in The Netherlands can change at any time and without notice. The information presented is on a best endeavours basis. Medic Pro Limited does not accept liability for the accuracy of the information.