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Build TPD notifications fast with our bespoke XML software

Generate ingredient XML code in seconds

Adding ingredients to the TPD notification for a range of products can take hours or even days. Speed up the process with our XML Assist software.

Pre-populated with CLP data

Our XML Assist software includes pre-populated CLP data from the ECHA database so you don’t have to upload manually.

What you need

All you need is a table with your e-liquid formulation: CAS numbers and quantities (in mg) only. 

How it works

Simply copy the CAS numbers followed by quantities into the software. Press a few buttons and it takes your formulation and generates XML code populated with your CAS, quantity and corresponding CLP data. Finally, cut and paste the ingredient code from the generated XML file into your XML submission file.

I’m so glad that Medicpro offers solutions to companies that are willing to register their own products

US E-liquid Manufacturer


You’ll require knowledge and skills in editing XML data in the backend of the TPD Creator Tool software. If you are not familiar modifying XML data then please check out our EU Vape Regulation course where we teach you how to access backend and make changes to notifications in bulk.

Start saving today

Act now and take advantage of our XML Assist software to create TPD notifications fast and efficiently. Get started today and start saving.

Watch a preview

Click link here to watch a preview and get price.


This software requires Microsoft Excel (Windows). It is not compatible with MS Excel for Mac.