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Download our time-saving TPD Submission Tool pre-loaded with tox data and more

Introducing our latest tool to help businesses comply with EU TPD fast

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new EU TPD Submission Tool. Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming process of creating TPD e-cigarette notifications from scratch. With our Pre-Loaded TPD Submission Tool, powered by XML Assist, you can now accelerate EU TPD submission process.

Pre-loaded with tox data and more

Our TPD Submission Tool comes pre-loaded with:

  • Ingredient Tox Database (over 330 tox profiles) 
  • XML Assist software to help you build ingredient sections fast
  • Presentations (EC-IDs and Product Names)*
  • Submitter ID and details (including parent, affiliate, enterer or representative company)*

* requires information from client

Accelerate the submission process

No longer will you need to:

  • Manually upload tox profiles for each ingredient in the Attachments tab
  • Build ingredient section for a notification from scratch
  • Attach tox profiles or complete CLP data for each ingredient
  • Create entries for products, add product names & markets

Seamless Integration with XML Assist

Use our Pre-loaded TPD Submission Tool comes with XML Assist software. Both tools work in combination to speed up the process of adding ingredients (including CLP data) and attaching tox profiles.

I’m so glad that Medic Pro offers solutions to companies that are willing to register their own products

US E-liquid Manufacturer

What we need from you

For the full pre-loaded TPD Submission package which includes tox database, presentations (markets), entries (products), we will require the following to pre-load with entries and presentations:

  • EC-ID
  • Produce Names (brand, sub-brand, flavour, strength, product type)
  • Submission ID, address and any affiliates (all Submitter tab info)

Pre-loaded with Tox Database only: For the TPD Submission Tool preloaded with only the Tox Database we do not need anything from you (you will need to add entries and presentations).

Reach Out to Learn More

To learn more about the features, benefits, and how our tool can accelerate your submissions, get in touch with us today.