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A crowdfund called the Vape Protection Alliance has been established to support the vape industry. Here’s what you need to know about the alliance and their goals.

What is the Vape Protection Alliance?

The Vape Protection Alliance is a crowdfund set up by industry stakeholders to fight the UK government plan to apply restrictions to the types of vapes that can be sold in the UK.

What is the Vape Protection Alliance aim?

The aim of the Vape Protection Alliance is twofold

1) to safeguard the interests of legitimate vape businesses

2) to ensure that adult former smokers have access to life-saving vape products.

With a fundraising goal of £75,000, the alliance has already raised over £30,000. £15,000 is ear marked for obtaining advice and direction from a King’s Counsel Barrister (KC), to chart the best course of action against the government’s looming vape restrictions.

What are the arguments made by the Vape Protection Alliance?

The alliance’s case centres on a few key arguments. First, it contends that the proposed ban on disposable vapes, along with the limitation on flavours, fails to consider the positive impact these products have on adult smokers looking to quit. Moreover, the Vape Protection Alliance argues that such restrictions will not only stifle the growth of legitimate vape businesses but also potentially drive consumers towards the unregulated black market, thereby exacerbating public health risks.

The government’s stance is predicated on data indicating increased access to vape products among youth. While the intention to protect children is commendable, the vape industry argues that the proposed restrictions fail to address the root causes of youth vaping. Instead, they threaten the livelihood of hundreds of legitimate businesses and perpetuate the misconception that vaping is as harmful as smoking. This oversight could potentially derail the progress made in public health by discouraging smokers from switching to less harmful vape products.

What does the Vape Protection Alliance propose?

The VPA advocates for a more nuanced approach to vaping regulation. The alliance argues that outright bans and flavour restrictions overlook the significant benefits vaping offers as a smoking cessation tool. Flavoured vape products, in particular, play a crucial role in helping adult smokers transition away from combustible cigarettes. By imposing overly stringent measures, the government risks alienating adult vapers and pushing them back to smoking or towards unregulated markets.

The Vape Protection Alliance proposal focuses on sensible measures that can effectively reduce youth access to vape products while preserving the benefits for adult smokers. These include (quoting from the crowdfund website):

  • Phase out disposables over a reasonable timeframe allowing a reasonable sell-out period.
  • Maintain flavours, described in a reasonable and adult manner.
  • Maintain open display and sales in specialist retail outlets (vape shops).
  • Ensure that closed pods are permitted.


Why is the Vape Protection Alliance challenging the government’s proposals?

To ensure regulations balance youth protection with the needs of adult smokers, preserving access to flavoured vape products for smoking cessation.

What are the proposed alternative measures to a complete ban?

Phasing out disposables responsibly, maintaining flavour diversity, and implementing a licensing scheme for vape products.

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How can individuals contribute to the Vape Protection Alliance’s efforts?

By donating to the Crowd Justice campaign (link below), sharing the cause, and engaging in dialogue about sensible vape regulations.

What are the potential consequences of the government’s current proposal on vape businesses?

Restrictions could threaten the viability of legitimate businesses, pushing consumers towards unregulated markets.


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