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Cannabidiol & e-liquid MSDS are an important part of e-liquid and short fill manufacturing.

Under REACH regulations, manufacturers are legally obliged to provide MSDS – or Material Safety Data Sheets – if requested by a downstream user e.g. a retailer.

Using verified MSDS experts, Medic Pro offers a fast and reliable MSDS & SDS generation service to help manufacturers meet this obligation. We also offer boiling point, freezing point and flash point testing at an accredited lab to meet SDS requirements – read on to learn more.

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What are e-liquid MSDS & SDS?


E-liquid MSDS & SDS are documents that communicate the potential hazards of an e-liquid. They are important in the supply of e-liquids by manufacturers to downstream operators such as wholesalers or retailers and contain information similar to the CLP requirements.


Although the generation of an MSDS & SDS is not mandatory, if a retailer requests an MSDS or SDS the manufacturer is obliged to provide one.

What is the difference between an MSDS & SDS?


An MSDS & SDS is the same document. They both carry the hazards of a mixture – in this case an e-liquid. SDS is just the modern term for MSDS.


MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet and SDS is short for Safety Data Sheet.

Looking for boiling point, freezing point or flash point testing? 


Boiling point, freezing point and flash point testing of e-liquids or concentrates is required by some distributors. The values are included in the SDS under section 9: Physical and Chemical Properties.


We offer fast and reliable testing at an accredited lab to help you meet the requirements. Get in touch to learn more.

SDS Testing Services

Freezing Point testing

Boiling Point testing

Flash Point testing

Cannabidiol MSDS


The cannabidiol industry is an exciting and rapidly developing space. In addition to e-liquid SDS authoring, Medic Pro can write your cannabidiol MSDS. Other CBD services include CBD testing; order a test to verify CBD and THC content of your product.


A cannabidiol (CBD) MSDS is no different to an e-liquid MSDS. Let us prepare your CBD MSDS expertly and rapidly. Contact us today for a quote.



Do you require samples in order to create an MSDS?

No. We do not require samples to prepare a safety data sheet. Just send the formulation or the MSDSs of the composite flavours (see also ‘What do I need to provide?’ below).


Do you do translations? 

Yes. We can arrange for the SDS to be translated into most languages. Fee: £60 per translation per SDS.


What is the turnaround time?

Up to 2 SDS: 48 hours

3-6 SDS: 2-4 working days

7 or more: Contact us for accurate timeframe

Please note that turnaround times are approximate. Translation requests prolong turnaround times


What are your payment  terms?

Advance payment is required. We accept credit, debit card, PayPal or bank transfer.


What do I need to provide?


When you don’t know your ingredients: If you mix composite flavour concentrates from flavour houses, please provide the following:

  • Recipes or mix ratios
  • SDS from flavour house

Note: Composite flavour concentrates are concentrates comprised of multiple ingredients.


When you know your ingredients: If you know all the ingredients in your flavours, please provide the following:

  • Ingredients & CAS numbers with quantity equal to or above 0.1%

Note: The SDS of each ingredient is not required when the formulation is known. Ingredients below 0.1% in the formulation are below the threshold for an SDS.


In both cases, please provide the following:

  • Product Names
  • Unique Product Codes (we shall create them if none are provided)
  • Your logo, company name, address, telephone & website

Note: samples are not required to create an MSDS.


What will I receive?

  • Safety Data Sheet in PDF with product names, logo, company info etc.
  • Guidance on SDS


Can you arrange boiling point, freezing point and flash point testing?

Yes. We outsource this service to a UKAS accredited laboratory. Please contact us for a quote.