Case Study 2

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Providing a large e-cigarette manufacturer with TPD Compliant Testing


Company profile


  • A leading Chinese manufacturer of e-cigarette devices
  • Well-established and popular e-cigarette brand in EU and international markets
  • Associated with China-based e-liquid manufacturers




The company contacted us in October 2016 to help them get a range of devices and e-liquids tested in time for the November notification deadline. With prominent e-cigarette test laboratories too busy to undertake the work they came to us for help.


Work carried out


  • Arrange affordable and timely TPD compliant testing for more than 10 devices (multiple types) at a UK-based specialist test laboratory
  • Arrange e-liquid TPD testing for a small range for a third party e-liquid businesses
  • Advise on TPD compliant emission test requirements
  • Respond to general regulatory questions relating to devices including emerging in e-cigarette testing requirements.




We successfully conducted TPD compliant testing without issue and within budget. The test reports were delivered to the client in time for them to finalise their notifications and submit before the deadline.

We continue to provide on-going TPD testing support for this client.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]