Microbiological Testing of Cosmetics

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Order a microbiological test at our UKAS accredited lab

Microbiological testing is an important part of the CPSR process. A test report is required for most cosmetics under UK and EU cosmetic regulations. Products exempt from the microbiological test requirement include products with high alcohol content e.g. aftershave

Learn more about the need for test data to support your CPSR

If your product contains water

You will require a Challenge Test (Preservative Efficacy Test) and Microbiological test in order to prepare a CPSR. Get in touch to learn more about our services.

Prices start at £45 per formulation. Turnaround about 8 days.

If your product does not contain water

You do not necessarily require challenge testing or microbiological testing – it depends on your formulation and other information you provide – but if you do not provide this test data it will state ‘safe with restriction’ in the CPSR. We do recommend microbiological testing for products without water.

About the lab

We use a UKAS accredited laboratory for microbiological and challenge testing. Get in touch to learn more.