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Order a TPD compliance report on thousands of notifications, fast.

Have you submitted thousands of notifications and want an easy way to find out what products have been notified in which markets? Maybe you want a quick way to find out the launch dates or other specific information on thousands of products.

Order a TPD compliance report on your product range and find out where you stand. Download the TPD compliance service brochure here. 

  • Easy to read: Get an ‘at a glance’ view of notified information including market and brand name
  • Actionable insights: Identify compliance issues and take action to remediate
  • Advice: Get your compliance questions answered by a TPD consultant

Note: The service uses information contained in the XML notification which means we require the XML file for each notification. Terms and conditions apply.

About the service

Since 2016 manufacturers have been required to submit data to EU markets on their product range. For some manufacturers with thousands of notifications submitted it is not only challenging but time consuming to check individual notifications for specific information such as notified markets, brand names, launch dates and formulations.

Our TPD compliance report can help you to get an overview of thousands of notifications in an easy to digest report.

With our TPD compliance service, you get an ‘at a glance’ view of the notification launch dates of each product.


From 1st January 2021 manufacturers are required to submit new notifications via a UK portal and withdraw your existing UK notifications submitted via the EU Common Entry Gate (EU-CEG).

Use our TPD compliance report to get an easy to digest overview of your current UK position on thousands of notifications.

How it works

To make the report we require your notification files that were submitted through the EU-CEG portal. So to get started, create a copy of the export folder in the EU-CEG notification XML creator tool ensuring you do not change the original folder or files. Save to a new location and then contact us. We’ll arrange for the transfer of the files and then we can start. Need a NDA? No problem. We are happy to sign an NDA.

What the TPD compliance report shall display ‘at a glance’

  1. Identify markets where no notification has been submitted
  2. Get launch dates by product/market
  3. Overview of other submitted information: formulation, manufacturer

Note: If you have a specific request for a bespoke report please get in touch with your requirements. The report does not take into account notification status at individual agencies.

What the TPD compliance report does not tell you:

⁃ the notification status at the agency (approved or received).
⁃ if your formulation or an ingredient is permitted for use
⁃ if your submitted packaging is compliant

Note: If you require something that we have listed above please get in touch and we can see what we can do.

Which product types does the service support?

The service supports any product type provided a notification in the form of an XML file is available:

  • e-liquids
  • e-cigarette devices
  • cigarettes
  • tobacco products
  • smokeless tobacco products
  • other TPD product types

What you’ll get

You’ll receive an easy to read PDF report with a market and brand view and other notification information including:

  • Notified brand names
  • Notified markets (unnotified markets highlighted)
  • Launch dates
  • Brand names
  • Formulations

and more…

Contact us to get a sample report.

Our Prices

Price is based on number of notifications.

Up to 100 notifications  £125
101 – 500 £245
501 – 1000 £445
1001 – 3000 £545
> 3001 £POA

Price excludes VAT.


What do I need to provide to get a report?

We require your validated XML files that were submitted via the EU portal either. These files can be found in the ‘Export’ folder. Simply copy the files into a new folder ensuring you do not change the existing files and zip it up. Get in touch for file transfer instructions.

How long does it take?

Typically, we can turnaround a report on 1000 notifications in about 48 hours save for any unexpected delays.

How much does it cost?

Price is based on the number of notifications. Price starts at £125 exc. VAT for up to 100 notifications.

What about confidentiality?

We take confidentiality seriously and we can sign an NDA/confidentiality agreement that you provide. Simply contact us with the NDA to get started. If you do not have an NDA we can provide one on request.

I am looking for more specific notification information on thousands of notifications not mentioned above. Can you help?

Sure. Order a bespoke report – get in touch with your requirements.

Can I see a sample?

Yes. Get in touch to receive a sample report.