TPD Testing in the UK

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TPD Testing in the UK


Article 20(2)(b) of the Tobacco Products Directive requires e-liquid and e-cigarette manufacturers to get products tested at an analytical laboratory before sale in the EU but it does not specify lab location requirements; manufacturers are free to do TPD testing in the UK or further afield. However, there are some benefits of testing in the UK, including:


English is widely spoken at the agencies in the EU, which is important because they will need to understand the test method (submitted as part of the notification). It is beneficial to communicate with the agency in the local language, however, particularly when dealing with tricky compliance issues.

Technical staff and equipment

E-cigarette testing is a specialist area and requires specially trained technical staff and bespoke equipment. Many UK labs often provide a similar service for large pharmaceutical companies so they are more likely to have experience with emissions testing.


Medic Pro currently use laboratories in the UK.

An emissions test involves drawing on an e-cigarette containing test e-liquid and capturing the emitted chemicals and metals under controlled conditions by an experienced laboratory technician. The emissions (name and quantity) are reported in the product notification to the authorities.

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