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Introducing our new UK Affiliate Service

Are you an e-cigarette manufacturer or producer looking to launch on the UK market, but unable to due to the lack of a UK business address?

UK Vape Requirement

Under UK regulations, vape manufacturers are required to include a UK contact in the MHRA e-cigarette submission and on product labels. Without meeting this requirement, your products risk being seized from the market by UK enforcement authorities or face un-notified status from the MHRA.

Introducing our new UK Affiliate Service

With our UK Affiliate Service, we offer a hassle-free way for you to become compliant in the respect of the UK address requirement:

1. UK Address

We provide you with a legitimate UK address for your MHRA submission and product labels.

2. Contact with UK authorities

As your reliable point of contact, we communicate with the authority on your behalf.

3. UK Regulatory Support

We offer reasonable support, helping you respond effectively to any correspondence from regulatory authorities.

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