Case Study 3

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Resolving Specific TPD Compliance issues


Company profile


  • Medium–sized US-based manufacturer of range of own brand and rebranded e-liquids
  • Well-established in US
  • Some presence in EU markets




The US manufacturer approached us to help them resolve a notification issue that was having a significant impact on sales in the region. The notification had been prepared and submitted by a third party and although it appeared the notification had been successful, the authorities could not find the notification. It was unclear what had gone wrong. They could not sell in the territory until the issue was fixed.


Work carried out


  • Understand the background and timeline of events
  • Make enquiries on behalf of client: Identify what exactly had gone wrong
  • Present the issue to the client with all key information and discuss a way forward
  • Take regulatory action, where applicable.




Once our team had identified the precise issue with the notification, the company had only one viable option available. The error had occurred in the notification process meaning that although indicators suggested the notification had been successful it had, in fact, failed. The company were fast-tracked to make correct notifications under the supervision of a TPD consultant.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]