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What is a TPD Consultant?


A TPD Consultant is a specialist advisor in the field of e-cigarette regulation – namely the Tobacco Products Directive. Medic Pro is a consultancy with TPD Consultants, among other specialist advisors.


What does a TPD Consultant do?


A TPD Consultant works with retailers, distributors and manufacturers of e-cigarettes and e-liquids to help them comply with the new TPD regulations.

On a typical day we undertake a whole range of duties, which include but not limited to:


What experience do our TPD Consultants have?


Our TPD consultants have backgrounds in pharmaceutical regulation. Given that e-cigarette regulation is based on pharmaceutical regulation, consultants with medical regulatory knowledge and experience are best placed to advise on the emerging e-cigarette regulations.



Our E-cigarette regulatory experience


We have been helping retailers, distributors and manufacturers understand the emerging e-cigarette regulations for over 3 years now. In the past, we have helped our clients with a range of activities: prepare and submit notifications, arrange emissions testing, prepare compliant packaging, advise on developing manufacturing standards, resolve notification issues/disputes and general regulatory enquiries.


Who have we worked with?


We have worked with a range of companies from small UK and international retailers to large well-established device manufacturers, e-liquid manufacturers and distributors, and a tobacco company.

We currently provide on-going support to a number of clients including two Chinese device manufacturers, a US high-end device brand, an EU e-liquid manufacturer/distributor and three UK retailers.


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