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Get compliant labelling for your cosmetic product

We offer labelling support services to help producers comply with the EU labelling regulations for cosmetics.

The Legal basis


EU Regulation No 1223/2009 Article 19 lays down the labelling rules for cosmetic products on the EU market. Labelling must be compliant with the regulations before they can be sold.

What we will do:


We will provide INCI label and text in line with Article 19 of the EU cosmetic regulations. We can also review a label you have prepared and provide feedback and recommendations.

What you’ll get:


You’ll receive your INCI label compliant with the regulations and any guidance or advice you require.



1 – 3 = 1 day

4 – 7 = 2 days

8 or more = Please contact us for an estimate

What you’ll need to provide:


Ingredients and mock-up of draft label.


Sample Requirements:


No sample required. Mock-up only.

Verify the CBD content


Whether you sell a skin balm, soap or bath bomb, why not order a CBD content test using our fast and reliable CBD testing service to give you confidence that your products contain the CBD content they claim to have.



The price of the label authoring and review service is fixed no matter how many ingredients in your cosmetic.

Other Services


Order a cosmetic safety assessment – or CPSR –  with our fast and reliable service.

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