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DKG node course – Run your own node

Join the community that is building the foundations of web 3 by running a decentralised Knowledge Graph node.

To fast-track individuals and businesses with the new tech, Medic Pro has launched the Decentralised Knowledge Graph Node Course – this is Part 1. In this first, part we will help you to set up and run a DKG node on the testnet.

No programming skills required

We’ve already set up our own node and with the help of our video guides you can too – regardless of your programming skills. That’s right – no programming skills are required.

Step by step guide

We’ll walk you through the process step by step, make recommendations and provide useful links so you can get set up fast – and at low cost.

Curious about web3?

So whether you are an individual curious about web 3 or a business owner looking to implement decentralised technology then this video guide is for you.

We’re very excited about its potential across numerous industries, not just supply chain, but e-commerce, healthcare, food and more. And we are very proud to launch this first of its kind course. We invite you to join us on this journey and learn how to set up and run your own node.

This course is for businesses that:

  • Import / export products
  • Rely on a supply chain
  • Must comply with product regulations and manufacturing standards
  • Are looking to adopt and develop apps on decentralised graph technology.


Even if you don’t run a business, this course is for individuals or entrepreneurs anyone interested in:

  • Web3
  • Blockchain technology
  • Decentralised and Tokenised business model
  • Are looking to use and build on decentralised graph technology (programmers).

We also recommend this course to programmers looking to develop web3 apps that require a decentralised knowledge graph.

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Feedback from the founders: Trace Labs

We’ve received some great feedback from Trace Labs, the company behind the DKG technology. Check out what they had to say on our explainer ‘What is a decentralised knowledge graph?’

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