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Would you like to open a vape store in the UK?


Are you a foreign retailer looking to branch out and open a vape store on a UK high street? We can help – we will provide the necessary support and guidance to help you establish your first UK vape store.


Vape stores in the UK must comply with the rules of the national e-cigarette legislation transposed from the Tobacco Products Directive. Specific requirements apply to the sale and marketing of e-cigarette products. Advertising rules apply and packaging and labelling must be in line with current regulations, among other things.




Open a vape store on a UK high street

What do you need to open a vape store in the UK?


Opening a vape store in the UK requires knowledge of the retail business requirements, the vape market and e-cigarette regulatory knowledge (including TPD and CLP).


How can Medic Pro help?


Our experienced e-cigarette retail expert and TPD Expert are available to assist you set up your UK vape store. We can help in a number of ways, including:


  • Outline the key requirements of setting up and stocking an e-cigarette retail outlet in compliance with the applicable UK laws and regulations (including TPD)
  • Inspect and evaluate a number of prospective sites: provide information on footfall, business rates and competition in the area
  • Provide insight into best selling strengths/flavours and brands/models in the UK
  • Assist in the sourcing staff
  • Regulatory support for visits/letters from regulatory authorities (MHRA and Trading Standards)


About our experts


Vape Store Expert Profile

5 years experience in sales and marketing of e-cigarettes and e-liquids in the UK retail sector including:


  • set up and running 3 UK retail stores
  • what to stock: insight into best selling flavours/strengths
  • understanding of the evolving UK retail market
  • experience in e-cigarette advertising in compliance with the new TPD rules


Vape Regulatory Consultant (TPD Expert) Profile

Over 3 years specialist knowledge and experience of the UK/TPD regulatory requirements including:


  • packaging and labelling (TPD and CLP)
  • advertising rules for nicotine-containing products
  • notification (preparation and submission) including TPD e-liquid testing
  • handling complex regulatory compliance issues
  • responding to MHRA and Trading Standards questions
  • background in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs (the basis for e-cigarette regulation)


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