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Blockchain for Business

After a couple of false starts, blockchain has finally gained enough inertia to push into mainstream. Adoption blossomed in 2020 as COVID lockdown and boredom took hold and now two years later, incredibly, you can now get paid in Bitcoin. What a breakthrough!

We’ve reached a key milestone and it would be remiss of a business to shun blockchain as just a passing fad.

Learn, adopt and benefit

Against that background, we are proud to launch Blockchain for Business. An initiative by Medic Pro Limited to help businesses learn, adopt, integrate and benefit from not just blockchain technology but web 3, decentralisation and the tokenised business model.

It’s a diverse, fast moving and ever expanding space. With blockchains competing for our attention, there’s a lot of noise and it’s not always easy to see through the hype.

Real world applications

Help is at hand. We’ve already started to sift through the crypto projects to identify real world use cases of blockchain related tech – applications that businesses can benefit from and/or expand into today.

Our courses

Last week we launched the first in a series of courses. Check out our Decentralised knowledge graph node course: Set up and run DKG node on the testnet.

No experience required

All the courses we make are designed with non-techies in mind. No cryptography or programming experience required. In less than 45 minutes can have your Decentralised knowledge graph node up and running regardless of your background.

Register your interest

More courses are in the works. Register your email on our blockchain mailing list to get early bird discounts and updates.