Impact of Brexit on CBD regulations

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Brexit: Impact on CBD regulations


Updated: 13th February 2020


CBD in food and food supplements


On the 13th February 2020 the Food Standards Agency issued a press release on their position of CBD as a novel food. It appears from this and an email sent to industry interested parties that, despite the fact that the UK is no longer in the EU, the FSA have not moved on their position: they will honour the categorisation by the EU authorities and regard CBD as a novel food.


You can read about the FSA press release in our blog post here.


Our recommendation 


As there is no change to the view of the FSA our advice is unchanged too. The best way to ensure continuity of sales is for businesses to seek a novel food application or align with a manufacturer that have done so.


More information on the impact of Brexit on CBD regulation shall be provided in this section as it becomes available.


CBD in vape products, cosmetics and other categories


This section will be updated when information becomes available.

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