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Do you have a question about cosmetic regulation, CPSR or cosmetic testing?

We’ve got some great news.

Today we launch our new support package to help our clients get the support they need. Our new support package includes:

1) Video Guides

We are pleased to offer step by step video guides on a variety of topics including preparing for a CPSR, making claims, stability testing and more. Watch the preview

2) Time-saving Templates

As part of the video guides, we include downloadable time-saving templates to help you prepare declarations, stability test reports, product specifications and more.

3) Access to Medic Pro Discord channel

If your questions aren’t answered by the guides, post your question in the new Medic Pro Discord channel. Use the forum for posting messages and feedback. 


Whether you have a question about stability testing or making claims for a cosmetic safety assessment our support package can help.

Click on the link below to watch a preview. We charge a small fee to help us cover our costs and you can use the discount code below to get 50% off.

Watch the preview

50% off video guides

Use the discount code at checkout to get 50% off: MP50 (limited time only). 


I have a specific question that was not answered by the video guide. What should I do?

We will answer your question once you post it in the Discord channel.

What is Discord?

Discord is a forum that allows us to communicate with our clients and share non-confidential information faster and more effectively than we can by email. Learn more about Discord here: You are required to register with Discord in order to post your message or question. 

What is the Medic Pro Discord channel for?

Use the Discord channel to: 

1) post your compliance questions or messages 

2) share feedback on the video guides

3) share your experiences with cosmetic regulations

Do I need to buy the video guide to get access to the Discord channel?

Yes – access to the Discord channel is through the purchase of the video guide. After purchasing, simply email requesting access to the Discord channel. We’ll send an access link within 24 hours of your request.  

Why do you offer support like this?

While many of the questions we receive can be answered by watching the video guidance, those that are not, are answered in the Discord channel by a response from a regulatory expert. By charging a small fee for the video guide, our clients receive the help they need and we cover our costs for the providing the support. 

What next?

To get started head to the video guide to watch a preview of Cosmetic Regulation: Getting Started and prepare for a CPSR.  

Discord App   

Discord is available as an app on IOS and Android systems for mobile access to the Discord channel.

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