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Over the years we’ve supported hundreds of customers as they launch their cosmetic range – be it soaps, hair serums or beard oils –  and take that first step: a cosmetic safety assessment or CPSR.

We know it isn’t easy when you first start out – cosmetic regulations seem complex and lengthy. We’ve put together 4 tips to help you expedite the CPSR process. 

Tip 1

Buy from suppliers that readily provide MSDS and CoA. All too often a client comes to us with missing documents unable to get the MSDS or CoA from their supplier. If a supplier is a well-established there should be no trouble in sourcing the required documents. 

Always try to buy from supplier that responds quickly to your emails and supplies documents without delay. 

Tip 2

Make sure there is no confusion over the identity of the ingredient. Since any ambiguity over the identity of the ingredient will cause an unnecessary delay to the CPSR process make sure you cross check the INCI name in the MSDS with the INCI database.

 If the MSDS name is not in the database go back to your supplier for the correct INCI name. 

Tip 3

Rename your files. Data packages for formulations with a high number of ingredients contain many files. Help the assessor find documents by renaming files, particularly MSDS and CoAs, so that you can see what the files are without opening. 

The faster the assessor can find the file the faster the assessment!

Tip 4

Convert your quantities into percentage. If you have mixed units such as grams, ml, tablespoons, drops make sure you convert them into % before sending to the assessor. 

This conversion to percentage should be made by the client – if you leave this to the assessor it can delay the assessment – so always provide the formulation in %. 

And Finally,

It can take several weeks to get all documents together so get your requests for documentation early.  

Looking for further guidance on CPSR process and cosmetic regulation?  

We offer comprehensive compliance support via our step by step video guides, time saving templates and access to the Medic Pro Discord channel.

Topics include:

  • How to prepare for a CPSR
  • How to convert grams, ml and tablespoon quantities to %
  • Making claims: medicine vs cosmetic 
  • Stability testing & Micro testing: When you don’t need to test

Watch a preview here

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