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4 November 2022 - 8:56, by , in News, Comments off

Do you have something you want to promote? Maybe you’re launching a new service or product? We are looking for a business to appear in our next blog post. If you run one of the following businesses we want to hear from you:

  • Cosmetic
  • CBD
  • Vape
  • Sanitiser
  • Other? 

Along with promotion of your business, we invite you to share your story with our readers. We are particularly interested to hear about: 

How has your business adapted to recent global events?

Share your story on how you adapted to covid, supply chain issues, Brexit, inflation etc. Talk about how you used to do business compared with now. What are your challenges? What are you excited about? 

Have something to say about your industry and where it’s headed? 

Share your thoughts on sector growth and competition. Do you have concerns with tightening regulation and testing? How do you think regulations in vape and CBD will develop?

How can advances in technology benefit your industry?

Does cryptography and the decentralised business model have a place in your sector? How do you think AI can bring efficiencies?

In return for your story, we’ll include your name, position, company name and link to your business. 

Post specification

We require at least 800 words of high quality content with a balance of your story and promotion. We reserve the right to edit the post and promotional text for the benefit of our readers.

Get in touch with your idea

Click the link below and tell us about your idea for a blog post. Leave your name and email and if we think it is a good fit for our blog we’ll get in touch to discuss next steps. We don’t need the whole story right now just the idea. 

Tell us about your idea

Terms and conditions apply.

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