What should we do about disposable vapes?

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The Argument

Disposable vapes are probably partly responsible for lower smoking rates in youths and adults. However, this type of vape is popular among youths and vaping in youths is on the rise.

A reasonable person

One could argue that no youth should start vaping, especially if they have never smoked before. But haven’t we got free will? We do not want to impose unnecessary restrictions on personal choices. No one wants a nanny state.

The experts

Highly reputable experts in the field (they know the data!) say let’s keep this in perspective. This is not time to panic and we should look at the bigger picture – smoking rates are down partly due to e-cigarettes.

The average person

The average person would probably say to ban them but they would say that because they have nothing to loose.

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The environmental cost

Then there’s the environmental impact. Every disposable vape contains about 0.15g of lithium which is rarely recycled. Disposal of these types of vapes is also time-consuming and labour intensive, as they must be dismantled by hand.

Balancing act

When you balance all the factors: youth uptake, smoking rate drop, environmental impact what do you think would be the best thing to do?

What should we do about disposable vapes?

  • Ban disposables
  • Do nothing
  • Something else

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Something else?

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