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7 April 2021 - 11:15, by , in Cosmetics, News, Comments off
Over the years we’ve supported hundreds of customers as they launch their cosmetic range – be it soaps, hair serums or beard oils –  and take that first step: a cosmetic safety assessment or CPSR. We know it isn’t easy when you first start out – cosmetic regulations seem complex and lengthy. We’ve put together...
1 April 2021 - 14:40, by , in News, Comments off
Do you have a question about cosmetic regulation, CPSR or cosmetic testing? We’ve got some great news. Today we launch our new support package to help our clients get the support they need. Our new support package includes: 1) Video Guides We are pleased to offer step by step video guides on a variety of...
19 February 2020 - 14:06, by , in Cosmetics, Comments off
So you want to sell homemade cosmetics in the UK but you don’t know where to start. Read the five things you need to know to help you on your way. Product safety is top priority when selling cosmetics in UK or anywhere else.
13 February 2020 - 17:46, by , in CBD, Comments off
Despite the fact that UK is no longer a member of the EU, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have announced a deadline for the CBD industry to comply with EU regulations relating to novel foods.
4 September 2018 - 14:11, by , in CBD, Comments off
A study in the United States has found that almost 70% of CBD products bought online had inaccurate labelling. Research by the University of Pennsylvania showed that CBD products sold from online US stores did not have the CBD content they claimed they had.