Vape Regulation: Upcoming changes to TRPR (UK TPD) in 2025

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In light of the recent announcement by the UK government to ban disposables, here is a run through for the benefit of vape manufacturers and retailers on the upcoming changes to the TRPR (the UK’s TPD) and estimated timelines. Please note that at time of publication there is no information on exact dates.

Upcoming changes: 

  • Disposable vapes to be banned
  • Restriction of flavours (ingredients)
  • Plain packaging
  • Displays hidden from general public view


Sell-through period

Expect a 6/12 month sell-through period to allow manufacturers to sell through disposable stock.

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No new disposables notified through UK MHRA portal

Before sell-through period is announced expect the option to notify disposables via the MHRA portal to end (by end of 2024 at best guess). It takes around 3 months once notified to market in UK which leaves a potential of 4 months of marketing if notified today. 

Effective date for ban

To be announced by government – expected 2025.

Other factors and General election

The change in the law to ban disposable vapes will follow the UK parliamentary process before being introduced. At any point there can be delays depending on a number of factors including how contentious the change is. We also have a general election by January 2025 but the new government (potentially Labour) is reported to take the same view on disposable vapes.

Northern Ireland

As far as we can see this applies to only England, Scotland & Wales. Since Northern Ireland is still under the jurisdiction of EU the ban would not apply.

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Press Release by the government

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